moving day tips

Moving house is exciting but it can be a really stressful experience too.  First you have to find your dream home to relocate to, then there’s all the paperwork and formalities, next it’s time to get the boxes out and pack everything up, and finally moving day arrives! There are a few things you can do to make the moving day itself a little less fraught,  here are some tried and tested top tips.

Hire in the professionals

Hiring a removal firm to take care of the heavy lifting will leave you more time for organising your move. If you are in the process of moving in the Oxfordshire area and need to find a removal firm, Turner Properties can recommend several reliable local removal companies who our clients have found professional and efficient. Our favourites are:

  • Headington Carriers -
  • Charles Wood & Sons -

Be an early bird on moving day!

Set your alarm early and give yourself plenty of time for last minute jobs.  No matter how organised you may have been in the run up to the moving day, there is still plenty to do that can’t be done before today.  Don’t forget to strip the beds and empty the bathrooms of your toiletries.  Next make sure you have emptied the fridge and freezer. 

Remember, moving day can be a confusing and anxious time for children and pets. So, if you have children or furry friends that require minding on moving day, arrange for them to be dropped off with a friend or family member who can keep them busy while you focus on the job in hand. 

Keep moving day essentials close to hand

Pack your Moving Day Essentials kit so you have everything you need within easy reach when you get to your new property. 

Make sure you put your kettle aside together with some mugs, milk and tea bags so you know where they are when you get to the new home.  Keep some basic toiletries handy as well as phone chargers as these are always the things you need but can never find in the chaos of the day.  It’s much less stressful not to be scrabbling around for these on arrival at your new place.  It is a good idea to ensure your phone is fully charged too.  

Don’t forget to make sure you keep any medication that you will require on the day in a safe place and have some snacks available to keep you going during the day.  You might also want to keep your cleaning supplies handy for any last minute cleaning duties when you leave and for cleaning up key areas in the new house when you first arrive. 

Key information

Gather together all of the keys belonging to the property, including keys for doors and windows, garages etc and any spare keys.  Label them up ready for the hand-over. It’s also useful for the new owners if you can share with them some practical local information, such as refuse collection days and the location of electricity metres etc. and be sure to leave any manuals for any appliances you are leaving behind.

Nearly time to say Goodbye! 

Make sure you take metre readings of your utilities before you go. The easiest way to do this is to take photos of your metres to avoid having to bother the new homeowners a few days later!  

Be sure to leave the house in a clean and tidy fashion.  You don’t have to pay for contract cleaners but it is respectful so allow time to push the vacuum cleaner round once more before you leave and don’t forget to empty the bins etc.  

The final countdown …

Carry out a final check, to make sure that you have all of your belongings and are not going to leave anything behind. Remember to look in cupboards, sheds and attics – and don’t forget paintings and wall-clocks! Make sure you have locked all the doors and windows and that utilities have been switched off.

And relax!

Once all the hard work is done and you have safely arrived at your new pad, pop open a bottle of fizz and order a takeaway!  The unpacking can wait until tomorrow!

Come and visit us at Turner Properties to learn more about all the exciting properties we have available to buy and rent in the Oxfordshire area.  And when your moving day arrives, be sure to remember some of these tips to help make your move day a little less hectic.  Good luck